Anthony King, DDS

Dr. King dedicated his career to Dentistry 25 years ago. Serving in the United States Army as a Dental assistant and Dental Hygienist. Dr. King graduated from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry in 1996. He decided to return to the military, this time as a Naval Dental Officer for Advanced Education in General Dentistry training. Additional post dental school Real World training was the key to fully understanding how all of the various dental specialties play a role in total reconstruction.

Dr. King decided to study all that was accessible to fully restore a person’s smile. Seeking guidance from the top leaders in Dentistry he has positioned himself as a well-rounded clinician. He specializes in all aspects of dentistry, from general dentistry to the more complex reconstructive, cosmetic procedures, implants and orthodontics.

“It was easy to incorporate Orthodontics and Implantology into my practice once I realized all of the limitations that would be placed on me without fully understanding how each discipline works harmoniously.”… Dr. Anthony King

Private Dental Services was created with the idea that taking care of one patient at a time. Dr. King seized the opportunity to create a unique style of dentistry by giving of our patients a First Class Approach. Focusing on one patient at a time would facilitate an informed decision of treatment options and encourage ownership of individual oral health.

Dr. King continues to take extensive continuing education courses to keep up with technology and offer new insight to current dental trends. He is an active member of his community, enjoys spending time with his family and long motorcycle trips.